Damages for California Wage & Hour Violations

Wage and Hour Lawyer in California

Wage and Hour Violations for CA Employees

Wage and Hour Lawyer in California

Many people wonder about what are the damages available for wage and hour violations for CA employees. California state law actually penalizes employers a certain amount for when they do not pay their workers fairly and on time. Wage and hour violations can show themselves in a variety of different ways. Sometimes employers fail to pay workers on time and also fail to supply them with adequate documentation explaining their workings hours and payment for hours worked. 

What are the Damages Available?

Damages are available if an employee has had their workers rights violated through a wage and hour issue. Some of the damages a worker can expect are: 

  • Back payments for the hours you worked.
  • Ordering the employer to pay you your set wage if they paid you less than that. For example, if you are set to earn 15$ per hour and they only paid you 12$ an hour, they would have to pay you the difference. 
  • Waiting time penalties if you quit a job and are forced to wait for longer than 3 days to receive your check. 

All of these are major issues that employers sometimes carry out. You may be entitled to a certain amount of full day’s wages if your employer fails to pay your paycheck on time after you quit or were terminated depending upon different details. 

Different Wage & Hour Violations

Some of the typical wage and hour violations are as follows:

  • Employers not giving pay stubs that show details of hours worked and more.
  • No reimbursement for job-related equipment purchased.
  • Making workers work over their allotted hours and then not paying them overtime or fairly.
  • Classifying workers under a different role of “independent contractor” even though they are performing as a regular employee with regular employee hours. 

Legal Counsel

Some people wonder if legal representatives are helpful when it comes to these kinds of wage and hour violations that employers commit. While it is not mandatory to have a lawyer, their experience and knowledge is usually quite helpful in the areas that they practice law. A lawyer can assist with the nuances and details of your particular situation and may see different paths to take with your case that you were not aware of. This is why it is valuable to have legal representatives assist you with your case. If you are looking for a wage and hour lawyer in California, then Levine Law, APC can be of assistance.

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