Unpaid Wages Lawyer Santa Monica, CA

Unpaid Wages Lawyer Santa Monica, CA

Unpaid Wages Lawyer Santa Monica, CAIf you are experiencing your wages being withheld, hours being left off of your check or other wage violations, then an unpaid wages lawyer in Santa Monica, CA may be beneficial for you to speak with. We at Levine Law APC have the experience, skills, and knowledge to fight for your wages and possibly take legal action against your employer. Numerous individuals face these same issues and sometimes do not know how to take the first step towards taking legal action. Legal counsel can assist you with taking that first step and bring you the compensation that you deserve for your suffering.

What the Law says Regarding Wage & Hour Issues

Some employers try to stretch laws regarding wages and hours worked as best as they can in order to avoid paying their workers what they are entitled to. Federal law and California state law clearly says that employees should be paid fairly and on time. Employers are actually penalized a certain amount if they are found to not being paid their workers under this code of fairness and on time. If your employer is withholding wages from you that you earned, is paying you late, or suspiciously counts your hours differently than you actually worked, then you may have the basis for taking legal action against them. Lawyers from Levine Law APC can be contacted in order to help you out with your case and go over all of the details regarding your situation.

Common Wage and Hour Violations

There are quite a few different violations that an employer might be committing when they are not paying you fairly or on time. Some of these issues are not paying at least minimum wage, not paying overtime wages when you work overtime hours, failing to pay employees back for items they needed to purchase for work and more. Others include:
  • Not giving their workers valid and detailed paycheck invoices.
  • Classifying workers as independent contractors, when they are working full time hours and are performing typical employee tasks.
  • Forbidding breaks or a time for lunch/meal.
All of these issues are forbidden under the law and are things that employers sometimes carry out. None of them are fair and no worker should have to deal with these things as it is unlawful. If you are dealing with any of these issues, an unpaid wages lawyer in Santa Monica, CA can assist you with your case.

Legal Counsel

Many workers have faced these issues before and have been able to get compensated. Our lawyers at Levine Law APC are skilled, experienced and have the proficiency to assist with your case and bring you justice and possible compensation. Employers should be held to the standards of guaranteeing your wages and paying you on time. Nobody should be working many hours for no pay leaving them in frightening circumstances and worrying about finances. Contact our unpaid wages lawyer in Santa Monica, CA today.

Understanding California Employment Law

California is an “at-will” work state. This means that you can leave your job without any explanation, but you can also be terminated for any reason without having to be given an explanation. The employer still has a responsibility though to not fire you illegally and violate your rights. Some reasons that may constitute that violation of rights making the termination wrongful are if you had a duty to serve on a jury and needed to take time off work and your employer terminated you for that. Another reason could be a contract violation on behalf of your employer. Your employer may have written into your contract some details regarding duration of employment or other details that were agreed upon. If the termination came before the contract was set to expire or if other details agreed upon were not upheld, then this termination may be wrongful and unlawful in violating the “at-will” basis of employment law in California.

Discrimination, Harassment & Other Unlawful Terminations

Other potential wrongful terminations include the likes of discrimination, harassment, medical leave, military leave and even retaliatory measures by an employer. If your employer has terminated you due to taking a medical or military leave, then you may be able to make a case against them. This is because those are legal reasons to have time off from work to perform your military duty or to prevent further injury to your body by taking a medical leave. Levine Law APC is ready to help you fight your wrongful termination for discrimination, harassment, and other unlawful reasons.

Keep Track of Documents Detailing Your Work Evidence

One of the most important things that a wrongful termination lawyer in Santa Monica, California will tell you to help your case is to keep documents or take note of what is occurring to you. Messages, comments and so on from your employer revealing how they treat you is important to keep track of. The timing of when you were terminated is also important and could show proof of ageism in the workplace, company policies not being adhered to, or other discriminatory practices.

Legal Counsel is Available

Legal representatives from Levine Law APC are experienced in helping people with their wrongful termination cases. Speaking with a lawyer about these issues will help you to understand more about how these cases work and what can be considered wrongful termination. Contact a wrongful termination lawyer in Santa Monica, CA today.

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