Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer Santa Monica, CA

Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer Santa Monica, CA

Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer Santa Monica, CA Sexual harassment is all too common in today’s workforce.  The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (eeoc) estimates that 25% of women experience sexual harassment in the workplace, and 35% of LGBTQ respondents who reported being open at work were sexually harassed, however the law protects individuals equally from sexual harassment, regardless of their gender identities.  California law recognized that no one should experience unwanted sexual advances, verbal abuse, or physical abuse in the workplace.  With our skills, knowledge and experience at Levine Law Firm, APC, we believe that we are the right lawyers to help with sexual harassment cases  Our team can guide you to properly respond  to ongoing sexual harassment, and help you hold employers accountable for their harassing behavior.  An experienced attorney handling workplace sexual harassment can assist with assessing your sexual harassment case, and decide what actions should be taken to rectify the situation.

What is Considered Sexual Harassment at Work?

Sexual harassment occurs when someone makes undesired sexual advances towards you, either through actions or words.  Sexual harassment may be experienced with a number of people at work, such as a coworker, manager, or supervisor.  An attorney experienced I handling sexual harassment cases can help you identify what constitutes the legal basis for sexual harassment and what does not.   A valid legal claim for sexual harassment may occur when an employee experiences an ongoing pattern of harassment in the workplace, or when an employee experiences a single extreme incident of sexual harassment.  You may have experienced sexual harassment if:
  • Your job title or job duties were changed or subjected to change if you did not follow through with the sexual advances.
  • You experienced ongoing sexually derogatory comments at work.
  • You were subject to unwanted physical touching at work.
  • Someone at work made inappropriate propositions to you, of a sexual nature.
  • You were treated with favoritism, or unequal treatment, based on a romantic relationships with a supervisor, or a refusal to engage in a romantic relationship with a supervisor.
The team at Levine Law Firm, APC can help identify the nuances and details of these common issues and help you to overcome difficulties presented by a toxic workplace.  Nobody should have to experience sexual harassment.

Retaliation is Illegal

It is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you if you have submitted a workplace sexual harassment claim or reported it to human resources.  If your employer retaliates against you for making a complaint, you may have a different claim or add strength and substance to your original sexual harassment claim.  Employers have been known to try terminating an employee when employees come forward with good faith complaints.  If you are dealing with retaliation for your sexual harassment claim, then make sure to document what your employer is doing by keeping notes, and reaching out to an experienced attorney.  Remember that this is never acceptable and the law prohibits workplace retaliation.

Seek Legal Counsel

Legal representatives from Levine Law Firm, APC are ready to assist you with your case.  We can help you understand all of the nuances of your case, and help you to receive the compensation and justice that you deserve.  Workplace sexual harassment is unacceptable and employers who condone harassment should be haled accountable for their bad acts.  Contact our firm to speak with an experienced sexual harassment attorney in Santa Monica, California today.

Understanding California Employment Law

California is an “at-will” work state. This means that you can leave your job without any explanation, but you can also be terminated for any reason without having to be given an explanation. The employer still has a responsibility though to not fire you illegally and violate your rights. Some reasons that may constitute that violation of rights making the termination wrongful are if you had a duty to serve on a jury and needed to take time off work and your employer terminated you for that. Another reason could be a contract violation on behalf of your employer. Your employer may have written into your contract some details regarding duration of employment or other details that were agreed upon. If the termination came before the contract was set to expire or if other details agreed upon were not upheld, then this termination may be wrongful and unlawful in violating the “at-will” basis of employment law in California.

Discrimination, Harassment & Other Unlawful Terminations

Other potential wrongful terminations include the likes of discrimination, harassment, medical leave, military leave and even retaliatory measures by an employer. If your employer has terminated you due to taking a medical or military leave, then you may be able to make a case against them. This is because those are legal reasons to have time off from work to perform your military duty or to prevent further injury to your body by taking a medical leave. Levine Law APC is ready to help you fight your wrongful termination for discrimination, harassment, and other unlawful reasons.

Keep Track of Documents Detailing Your Work Evidence

One of the most important things that a wrongful termination lawyer in Santa Monica, California will tell you to help your case is to keep documents or take note of what is occurring to you. Messages, comments and so on from your employer revealing how they treat you is important to keep track of. The timing of when you were terminated is also important and could show proof of ageism in the workplace, company policies not being adhered to, or other discriminatory practices.

Legal Counsel is Available

Legal representatives from Levine Law APC are experienced in helping people with their wrongful termination cases. Speaking with a lawyer about these issues will help you to understand more about how these cases work and what can be considered wrongful termination. Contact a wrongful termination lawyer in Santa Monica, CA today.

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